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-any wade, lebron, bosh, klove, kyrie, wilt, russell, erving, bird or kobe autograph and GU (esp floors,shoes,etc.)
-primarily '03-'04 Exquisite; would also take '04-'05 Exquisite and subsequent releases
-'03-'04 HHP Triple Patches; '04-'05 Skybox Fresh Ink 5-on-5 patches /10; '04-'05 HHP Double Team auto patches /25, /5, /1; '03 Topps Pristine Gold PE /25; '03 Bowman Chrome X-Fractors /25; '03 Topps Finest X-Fractors /1; '03 Topps Finest Gold Refractors /25; '97 UD Game Jerseys
-'01,'02 and '03 SPx, Bowman SE and HHP jsy AU RCs
-'02,'03 and '04 ud glass/trilogy (only the glass cards)
-'98-'99 molten metal xplosion (only the metal cards)
-'03 UD Hardcourt Lebron James Floors
-'98-'99 UD encore powerdeck and '99-'00 UD powerdeck
-'98 ud diamond vision base/signature moves parallel/dunk vision
-any patches, 1/1s, graded cards, XRCs, low #'d GU/AU cards (25 or less serial #'d sets made)
-any oddball issues that aren't available here in my country

-any current beckett and tuffstuff; also basketball mags with Kobe, Lebron or Wade on the cover 
-sleeves/team bags/toploaders/albums/D-ring binders
-authentic jerseys (size L)
-rare/special edition comics


side player collections:
-yao,j.r smith,ray allen,KG,pippen,tmac,shaq,VC,amare 

-any star player's card that i can use as tradebait such as pippen,r.miller,stockton,andre miller,duncan,arenas,jason terry,josh howard,melo,bibby,rodman,spree,sam cassell,kirilenko,joe johnson,josh smith,al horford,paul pierce,ray allen,jeff green,
darko,baron davis,jrich,antoine walker,okafor,odom,kidd,boozer,gooden,marbury,redd,billups,rip hamilton,jermaine o'neal,metta world peace,pau gasol,zach randolph,zo,tyreke evans,brandon jennings and blake griffin





12/07/16- always a citizen journalist!

12/01/16- i'll re-trade any card you wanna return. lmk.

5/02/10- images are copyrights of their respective owners.

11/17/06- browse and start being a cardcollector!

5/29/06- any traders from tacloban? lmk.

3/10/06- local traders call/text me at 09064786703. 

12/29/05- am needing advertisers for my site. if you wanna have your store or page featured, just email me at the addy below. thanks.

8/28/05- my lebron hardcourt floor set has been featured on the rustysoaptraders site. appreciate those who made this possible.

8/14/05- please check out my EBAY auctions. thanks.

8/12/05- much thanks to NLDcollector, bob_TCC, MikefromChester, lordfranz and paulhenshaw, all who gave me good deals and trade-ups (and thanks also to anyone whom i haven't mentioned).

7/22/05- wanna make a quick deal? send me your yahoo messenger id. thanks. also most of the lowend insert/rc stuff
         are pending.

7/17/05- only trade w/ me if you need my cards. and always remember, don't agree to any deal if you dont want to. thanks.

6/08/05- please sign-up as my referral at SCS. would give you free cards if you trade w/ me and sign-up under me. 

6/03/05- as much as possible, i only wanna deal mint cards. lmk firsthand your card's condition.

5/20/05- most deals shall include free cards.



cards marked with NFT are just that:they arent for trade except for a superbly good offer or kobe/wade autographs/patches. i'd trade only if the cards we trade are of equal value. in some
instances, i would compromise and trade in your favor if you're giving a card that is of high interest
to me. please dont make offers on cards marked with incoming or pending. as for selling, cash, checks, paypal
and money orders are the only modes of payment i take. cards are NrMt-Mt or better unless otherwise
stated. email me at for more details. thanks for browsing my lists. i'll see you around.


MY TRADE IDs and deals:

actual deals:                        traderman755  ( 50 +)

espn:                                traderman755

yahoo:                               traderman755

facebook:                            traderman755  ( 29 +FB)                 traderman755  ( )                             traderman755  ( 89 +FB)                   practizionear ( 2 +FB)                                                                      dwadesworld   ( 0 +FB)                  ( 1 +FB)              ( 42 +FB)              proGr@m217    ( 8 transactions)             proGr@m217    ( 2 trade rating)                    program2107   ( 6 +FB)               program2107   ( 26 +FB)

photobucket:                         program2107

panini:                              kobe81foo

webs:                                defiedd


good traders:
keithmcm, DP76 (x2), stock59 (x2), gcs29, niklas22, shawn555,
lakaballa, najera1421, alonzomourning, hobbyfan, kirkham08, nene collector, fido, christophe,
schnieds, crazyderik, stephane poignon, emlcards (x2), fjniskey, tchavezcards, NLDcollector, beisbol, 
moomoo891, coryscards, dlackey, lakersMC, leader of men, umperry23, mossman, boaz_salossa,
stlmkiiisupra, atomant989, peyton, carmelocollecto (x2), brj38464, tim123, KHarmon,
Collector, bob_TCC, Dro, dcastelo, aussieboywayne, chdunhill, masringer, floyddc888, MikefromChester (x4), AceGambit3, mrkjnl, finestkind, golfmanccl (x2), bilsd1818, Bdavis1hornets, patrick4, shaqcollector, gelodartist (x2), randallcards, bondsaway, jaypo, trip_ko_lang, hvfone, TB40, lalieko (x3), bolt66_nba (x2), highnaught, lordfranz (x6), hockeytown, paulhenshaw (x3), rccollector26, xavier212006, mrtwenty1, mamba_jamma, tradecardsnow, paolobaguasboston
, db6, bgriffdunker32, jankobe, lilbrambram, dhmhoops, miraclemona218, aussie2al, ossu, catsfan_26, lapsico, uk-card-collector, thongdyrarecollectibles, Laurent, Big T, alain, mudstaticz

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