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"I just thought, time to be aggressive. Very aggressive. So I was shooting all those shots, no matter what was going to happen. And I started to make a couple, so I got hot at the right time. Just wanted to will my team to this victory."

- Wade said on April 25 after dropping a 2010 playoff-high 46 on the Celtics.


'06-'07 Topps  Big Game All-Star Rally Dwyane Wade #ASPRA-DW (#'d 5/10) est lo-hi bv$150-bv$350 (NFT;stitched 3-clr swatch/2-clr jersey/1-clr event AU patch;holo auth #3680821;nmmt)

'03-'04 UD Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches KG-SS (gone)

'01-'02 SPX Winning Materials KG2 and '03-'04 SPX Winning Materials WM39 (gone)

'03-'04 UD All-Star Weekend Authentics AS-KG (gone)


'96-'97 Topps Finest Gold 138 and '97-'98 Topps Finest Gold 319 (gone)




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